Entering international markets: motives, reasons and main strategies

No matter what happens in the domestic Ukrainian market, even the most challenging economic and political obstacles could not affect Ukrainian business representatives’ desire to enter foreign international markets. On the contrary, the complication of situations in foreign exchange regulation, in the economic and political spheres, became the indicative motivation for many heroes who could enter the international market and internationalize business.

The main reasons for a firm to enter a foreign market can be both global and national in nature, as well as positive dynamic progressive trends in the evolution and development of companies.

Entering international markets: motives, reasons and main strategies It is impossible not to notice how new, modern technologies are changing and emerging at a phenomenal speed in the world; gradual economic, political and cultural integration of the whole world unites society and globalizes any processes, including international private business relations. The globalization process, in turn, provides a good basis for the formation of foreign economic relations.

There are also certain tendencies in the domestic market that push firms abroad. As a rule, representatives of medium and large businesses enter international markets as a result of expanding the scope of activities, the need to maintain and develop the company’s image, as well as because of their desire to reduce risks and diversify assets that have resources for business globalization. In addition, domestic businessmen are attracted by opportunities for access to innovative technologies, international programs for the development of international trade, and promising business partnerships. These factors give rise to the potential for international development.

Where to begin?

Going to the international level opens up endless opportunities for companies and business owners. An enterprise planning to enter the international market must choose a specific market, strategies and methods of penetration, as well as take into account many legal subtleties and tax aspects.

The main strategy for bringing Ukrainian business to foreign markets is to implement investment projects, develop tax solutions, non-resident mechanisms, organize financial consulting, support real estate transactions and open bank accounts, mortgage/pawnshop lending, and asset management.

First of all, it is necessary to properly structure the business so that your business model is transparent, efficient, secure and provides an opportunity to carry out rational tax planning, distribution of financial flows within the entire structure, and to simplify the administration of such a tool as much as possible. International business structuring and tax planning consists of the development of methods, schemes, and tools, including foreign enterprises, trusts, foundations, and other corporate structures, and includes building internal strategic interaction processes for intragroup companies that the client will use to effectively manage and own the business