Lada Tymchenko

Paralegal and the lawyer in contractual and corporate law
Lada Tymchenko is the paralegal and the lawyer in fields od contractual and corporate law. With honors graduated from the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, acquiring the knowledge and practicing skills of law.
Lada’s primary functions in Fama Prof Consult are analysis and preparation of all types of contracts, the legal assessment of draft agreements for compliance with the requirements of national and international legislation, the provisions outlined in draft agreements, the presence of all essential conditions necessary for deals of this type.

What is more, she has strong skills in preparing opinions on the application of civil, economic, tax legislation, registration of legal entities, development of all necessary legal and statutory documents, and the preparation of letters and inquiries to state bodies of different legal nature.

Lada has strong communication skills in Ukrainian, Russian, and English languages.